Content Writing

Content is King, and it will always be true for any business with a strong message to communicate. With attention span growing shorter and shorter by the generation, impactful and compelling messaging that immediately demands and captures attention is becoming […]

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Social Media Engagement

Communication through digital platforms have become more and more effective in connecting with a target audience. With this in mind, the most strategic platform to your brand to “get personal” and engage your market is social media. Recognizing this need, […]

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Call Campaigns

The personalized human touch will never lose its power, thriving even in the midst of changing advertising, marketing, and communication trends. There is still something compelling about person-to-person connections that no advance in technology can ever override. Business-wise, the way […]

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Data Entry

Excellent documentation via data entry is part of the backbone of any business – but it is also one of the most time-consuming operational tasks. More than just about inputting content, data entry is about properly filing, organizing and storing […]

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Meet the Dynamic Team at The VGC Group

Meet the Team - World Map

The VGC Group is a diverse group of global talents working together for one mission – to Take Your Ideas Global. Skilled virtual consultants come from different parts of the world: from New York to Canada to Pakistan to Philippines! While […]

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The Power of Social Media: Convert your Reach to Sales


Who would have thought that social media reach can actually convert into sales? Some sales people still do not believe that social media could make their job easier. According to, Social Selling is the new sales model that every […]

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The Basics of Content Creation


If you are a newbie marketer trying to figure out how other websites and social media fan pages get more followers, then this might help you! Before creating your content, let’s start with the first basic step – identify your […]

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Why you should hire a Virtual Assistant to manage your social media accounts

Think “Virtual Assistant” and one automatically thinks of someone who does mainly administrative tasks. But in today’s digital age and the workforce’s rapidly-evolving mobility, a Virtual Assistant has evolved to be much more than administrative assistant – though administration still […]

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Virtual Assistants: Every CEO’s primary need

Yes, CEOs should be on top of every area of their business; and yes, they should be able to handle issues from each of these areas well. But does that mean they should perform the nitty-gritty tasks for day-to-day business […]

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